Hey I am Kaitlyn, the founder and main contributor for Passion for Pints. Like most people I started drinking beer early in college and my main concern was whatever was cheapest. Thankfully I grew a taste for great beer and was able to find my way into some amazing micro breweries. As my love for beer grew the more I wanted to try new beers and was proud to walk into a bar and order “whatever is local.” Thankfully the craft beer industry has exploded and there is more beer out there than ever. Like any recent college graduate I was hoping to find a job where I could drink beer all day and make a ton of money off of doing that. Unfortunately I haven’t found that job yet, but I am able to sit here and talk about it through this site.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and I hope that I can steer you in the right direction when trying to find a new brew. My emails are always open so please drop me a line if you have any questions or comments.